Eliminate Your Dog’s Bad Breath: Dentistry

Does your dog have bad breath, or does your cat not want to eat? These could be signs of dental problems and possible pain that your pet is struggling with. 


Dentistry at Sunshine AH

Just like our own dental health, dental care for your pet is an important piece of its overall wellness. Dental problems can also happen quickly. Sunshine AH provides both routine annual dental care as well as urgent care for problems such as chipped teeth. 

Why is annual preventative care recommended?

Daily maintenance of your pet’s oral health is likely not up to the standards of your own oral health. Therefore, an annual dental cleaning is a significant benefit for their well being and long-term oral health. Preventative dental care is similar to human dental exams. For example, it includes charting, cleaning, polishing, examination of teeth and other oral structures, dental x-rays, and extractions. Not only will an annual dental cleaning help combat the dreaded bad breath of your beloved pet, but it also identifies underlying problems that may be present. 

Signs of Dental Problems:

Cats often conceal problems more than dogs. Signs include your cat sticking its tongue out of its mouth or your cat is drooling. Another sign of dental problems include your cat not wanting to eat.

Example signs that your dog has dental problems: Your dog has bad breath, visible buildup on teeth, or red gums. Many people believe that their dog will not want to eat if dental problems are present. However, that is often not the case and is a supporting reason to consider annual dental services.


Dental Services Offered: 

Dental X-Ray

Dental x-rays allow us to fully evaluate the tooth and are valuable for identifying problems such as fractures, abscesses, tooth resorption, and determining root health. Because much of the dental structure is below the gum line, dental x-rays are the only method that provides a full picture of dental health.


Cleanings consist of scaling, polishing, flouride treatment, which removes a year or more of buildup and helps to protect their teeth until the next dental visit. If your dog has bad breath, a dental cleaning should be high on the list of considerations for remedy of the problem.


Unfortunately, the need for dental extractions is common, but with proper preventative care, the likelihood of extractions is reduced. After an extraction is completed, antibiotics are sometimes prescribed and recovery typically involves some pain for approximately two weeks.

More Information About Anesthesia For Dental Services

Prior to a dental procedure our staff strongly recommends pre-anesthetic blood panel that looks for issues that could potentially cause problems during the procedure itself. If the results of blood panel are not of concern, our staff will proceed with the dental procedure and use anesthesia to sedate your pet. During this time, patients are monitored by EKG, blood pressure, pulse oxygen, receive IV fluids, and receive heat support to maintain their ideal body temperature. This level of care is often what differentiates our dental services from “budget” dental services that can be obtained elsewhere.
We understand that anesthesia is an important topic and our staff will address your questions and concerns on this topic prior to any procedures.


Your Pet’s Dental Health Between Annual Cleanings:

Maintaining your pet’s dental health between visits is straightforward and will help combat obvious problems like bad breath:

  • Brush your pet’s teeth on a regular basis
  • Follow the below recommendations for accepted dental products provided by the Veterinary Oral Health Council for dogs and cats and avoid items that can cause chipped teeth such as bones and antlers.

Veterinary Oral Health Council’s Accepted Products For Dogs

Veterinary Oral Health Council’s Accepted Products For Cats

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