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Spaying and Neutering

Spaying or neutering your pet offers benefits beyond the obvious population control. For more information, see our Spaying and Neutering section in Wellness Services

Foreign Body Removals

Removal of items that have been swallowed such as wood chips, rope, avocado pits, rocks, socks and underwear. The list goes on and on. Labrador Retrievers seem to particularly enjoy swallowing things that have to be surgically removed.


A procedure that repairs or prohibits Gastric Dialation Volvulous commonly called GDV which is a life threatening condition that generally occurs in deep chested dogs and is caused by the stomach flipping over, inhibiting proper digestive processes.

Bladder Stone Removal
Benign and Malignant Mass Removal

Specialist Surgical Procedures

In addition to routine surgical procedures, we offer surgical procedures that are performed by a board certified surgeon. Examples of surgical procedures involving a specialist include:

TPLO: Procedure for repair of a ruptured cruciate ligament which is comparable to a torn/ruptured ACL in humans.

Complex Mass Removal: A mass removal that involves organs or other critical tissues that are at risk during the procedure.

Fractures: Often require special tools and materials such as plates and pins to support the fracture properly during healing.

Luxating Patella: Surgical repair of a kneecap that is dislocated or otherwise slipping out of its intended position.

Information About Anesthesia for Surgical Procedures

Prior to a surgical procedure, our staff will perform a pre-anesthetic blood panel that looks for issues that could potentially cause problems during the procedure itself. If the results of blood panel are not of concern, our staff will proceed with the surgical procedure and use anesthesia to sedate your pet. During this time, patients are monitored by EKG, blood pressure, pulse oxygen, receive IV fluids, and receive heat support to maintain their ideal body temperature.
We understand that anesthesia is an important topic and our staff will address your questions and concerns on this topic prior to performing any procedures.

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