Wellness Care FAQs

Common Wellness Care FAQs for Your Pet

Dr. Kristy Kreutzer at Sunshine Animal Hospital knows just how vital wellness care is for all pets, and she wants you to know it too. Whether you live in Broomfield, Superior, or Louisville, CO, it's important to understand how regular wellness visits can help you avoid a headache or two down the line. 


What Is the Goal of a Wellness Care Visit?

The primary goal is to provide preventative care so that you and your pet don't have to deal with a serious preventable issue. All animals have developed instincts over time that allow them to hide pain as to not show weakness in the wild and can lead pet owners to miss certain signs that point to illness or injury. The right veterinarian can discover these problems early on before they become severe. 

What Can I Expect at a Wellness Visit in Broomfield CO?

Wellness visits in the beginning stages of life are predictable and include all the necessary vaccines your pet needs to fend off common preventable conditions. This visit alone can set your pet up for success as they swing from milestone to milestone. But wellness visits are also available to catch things like arthritis, tooth decay, and even more serious conditions such as cancer. 

Here are a few things that you can expect during the exam:

  • Total exam: From ears to tail, your pet's whole body will be examined. 
  • Nutritional advice: Some pets need more protein; others need more nutrients. Your vet can break down your pet's diet.  
  • Bloodwork: Abnormal blood can show several conditions, such as thyroid disorders, diabetes, kidney diseases, etc. 
  • Parasite treatment: Fleas, ticks, heartworms: parasites love pets. Our treatments can make it easier for your pet to fend off pests. 

Why Are Wellness Visits Important for the Lifespan of My Pet?

Much like human care, pet care is all about treating conditions before they spin out of control. Because your pet ages so much faster than you do, they can develop serious problems earlier than you might expect. A wellness exam can not only extend the life of your pet, but it can also save you money by treating problems without major intervention (e.g., surgery, etc.). 

Are Microchips Available?

Yes. Microchips can help you locate pets immediately if they wander off. Not only can you trace them faster as soon as they disappear, but a shelter can identify and call you immediately after finding. 

Find a Wellness Veterinarian Today 

Sunshine Animal Hospital is here to help you schedule wellness care visits for your furry friend. If you're in the Louisville, Broomfield, or Superior area, give us a call today. 

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